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Since 2011, Japanese illustrator Toyoi Yuuta has been posting animated GIFs on his Tumblr under the moniker 1041uuu. Finding beauty in simplicity, he’s translated his vision of life in Japan into gorgeously animated pixel art. The highly approachable style of his pixel art has allowed his work to be widely praised and shared by netizens from all over the world. At the same time, Generation Xers, millennials, and gaming enthusiasts are able to more deeply appreciate the nostalgic qualities of his retro aesthetics.

丰田佑太出生在福岛,现居京都。和他生活了六年紧张的东京生活相比,他更喜欢京都安静。在东京的六年里,佑太在东京很多不为人知的点滴里找到了灵感和慰藉,河流便是之一。他解释到:“我觉得我总是被我生活城市中的河流所影响,特别是东京的隅田川对我影响深远。” 从倒影在河流中的城市风光到锦鲤无所事事地在莲花池里游荡,水的元素时常出现在丰田佑太的作品中
Originally born in Fukushima, Toyoi is currently based out of Kyoto, preferring the quiet pace of life there compared to the sensory overload of Tokyo, where he had previously lived for six years. In those six years, Toyoi found solace and inspiration in different aspects of the Tokyo that many might not immediately associate with the city, such as its rivers. “I think I’ve been influenced by the unique rivers of all the cities I’ve lived in. In particular, Tokyo’s Sumida River had a profound impact on me,” he says. From a cityscape reflected on the rippling surface of a river to koi fish idly lazing beneath a lotus leaf-covered pond, water makes frequent appearances in Toyoi’s work and is often one of the most noticeable animated elements.

Another big influence for Toyoi is the popular arcade-style fighting game, The King of Fighters. The different two-dimensional background scenes in the game clearly lends inspiration for his animated GIFs. These in-game backgrounds range from forests with falling rain and leaves fluttering in the wind to industrial settings with machinery bellowing out clouds of steam. Some other scenes might depict more mundane moments of city life, such as lovers interacting in the background and blinking traffic lights. These little moments stuck in an infinite loop fascinated Toyoi. “To an art geek like me, these elements sparked something within me and I became interested in these realistic backdrops,” he says. Similar to the aesthetics of The King of Fighters and other retro fighting games, animating select details in a mostly still frame has become the trademark of Toyoi’s work.

对于很多艺术家,在追随自己艺术梦想的同时,保持稳定的收入是很困难的,丰田佑太也不是例外。他最早创作像素画的主要原因是因为他没有工具。他回忆说:“我那时很穷,也没有工作。我也没有数位板,只有我电脑上的触摸板。但是创作像素画,我不需要好电脑和很多专业知识。” 尽管他的作品收到了很多赞赏,却没有赚到什么钱。他坦白讲:“我现在还是很穷,现在很想卖些我的作品,希望能在未来卖一些印刷版画。”

For many artists, figuring out how to make sustainable income while pursuing their creative vision can be problematic, and Toyoi isn’t an exception. He revealed that his initial decision to create pixel art was in part due to to the restrictive nature of the tools he had access to. “I was poor and unemployed. I didn’t have a pen tablet and only had a PC track pad. But to create pixel art, I don’t need a high-resolution computer or much special knowledge and training,” he recalled. Despite garnering high praise for his GIFs, the popularity of his work still hasn’t translated into any money-making opportunities. “I still don’t have any money at the moment, so I’m trying to sell some of my artwork now,” Toyoi candidly admitted. “I’m looking into selling silkscreen prints in the near future.”

因为内向,丰田佑太跟我们讲大家对他不是很感兴趣。反之,他更喜欢虚无缥缈的东西,像是一个地方的感觉和气味,他相信这些才是一座城市最本质的元素。他说:“繁杂世界,我无法理解,因为我不懂这些潜规则,我觉得社会太可怕了。” 佑太的作品是这个多变且焦虑社会中一缕清风。他的才华展是能从生活中很多被忽视的事物中,找到喜悦,把这些看似寻常的生活场景变成有意思的作品。

Introverted by nature, Toyoi tells us that people aren’t of much interest to him. Instead, his interests lie in the intangible, such as the feelings and smells of a place, holding the belief that these are the elements that truly make up the essence of a city. “The world is filled with rules that aren’t explicitly written out, and it feels like I’m not very good at reading them, because I don’t understand these unspoken codes. I find society to be a scary place,” he says. Toyoi’s work is a tranquil respite from the whirlwind of unpredictability, volatility, and anxiety that plague our modern lives. His gift lies in the way that he’s able to invoke a blissful sense of tranquility by simply presenting the nuanced beauties of life that many overlook, rendering these ordinary moments into gorgeous works of art.


It generally takes Toyoi two days to complete a GIF. The preliminary planning stages are admittedly much more difficult, he says. It’s crucial for him to avoid repetition. “Sometimes choosing the idea can take up to two weeks. Even now, two months can go by without me drawing anything,” he says. “For example, if I have already drawn a picture of a businessman asleep in a in a bus, then I would not draw a picture of a student asleep on a train.  There is no essential difference in my mind between the sleeping businessman and the sleeping student, or a train and a bus.”

“现在的话,只要我的作品能帮助人们欣赏他们生活平凡的细节的话我就很开心。尽管日本有很多问题,像是地震的威胁,核泄漏带来的污染,对政府的不信任,过度工作导致的压力大等等。” 但是这些问题都太大了,不是靠自己就能解决的,佑太有趣的动图拥抱生活中的小美好。“尽管这个国家很多问题,我还是希望更多的人来日本玩,我肯定最推荐来京都玩。”
“For now, I’ll be content if my work allows people to better appreciate the world around them. Japan has many problems, such as the threat of earthquakes, nuclear power plant accidents, distrust of the government, overworked people suffering from work-related stresses, and so on.” As if to counterbalance these large scale, hard-to-solve problems that trouble his mind, Toyoi’s charming GIFs instead hone in on the simple beauties of everyday life in Japan. “Regardless of some of the country’s issues, I want people to visit Japan. I certainly recommend Kyoto.”

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